Monthly Archives: March 2010

Hello world!

Hey, this is my first blog! I’m blushing already. Oh, wait, that’s just my coffee rush.

One of the things I’ve been pondering is this: coffee is a drug, right? I find it fascinating that we (humans) spend so much time and energy promoting, justifying, beautifying and thinking up great and convincing reasons why we should drink it (lots of it!).  There’s a lot of attention being put to the health benefit of coffee consumption. Scientists are studying the effects. The media, including health professionals, are reporting on it.  If you don’t believe it – go ahead and do a web search for ‘Coffee and Health’. What’s more, the extraordinary lengths put in to making it taste good.  Incredible!  This diminuitive little seed starts life as a cute little fruit on a bush. Try eating a coffee cherry? Or a raw coffee seed (bean)? Yuk! You won’t ever find one in the produce section at your local upermarket, that’s for sure.

What fascinates me is, why do we keep coming back? I love coffee to death. I think it’s one thing in life I would have a very tough time giving up.  Is the caffein really that addictive? I certainly can survive on decaf for long periods, and have done so. But to go without? I can’t imagine it.  Does the fact that the hot drink is just so warming to body and soul have something to do with it? I think it might. I do love other hot drinks:  hot chocolate, tea, cider.  But nothing can replace my sweet morning cup of joe.

What do you think???