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Let there be Lemonade

A visual guide to serving the lemonade:

Watermelon makes happy!

Tastes better outside, eh?

The anticipation is killing me.


All gone!

Now that ‘summer’ is here, what better way to relax on the porch or after a hard days gardening work than to kick back and cool off with some fresh lemonade – kicked up Jordan style!

Here the recipe our youngest gastronome developed – cool enough to quench even the hardest thirst.

Lemonade: (makes a large pitcher)
4 lemons juiced
1 lime sliced
1/2 can mandarin segments
english cucumber, very thinly sliced, about 16 slices
fresh mint or lemon balm from the garden
ice cubes
sugar or syrup to taste

Add all the ingredients to a large pitcher stir to dissolve sugar. Serve into short glasses making sure each glass gets some slices and mint. Kick back and let the cool breezes flow.


Music to start the summer right! The High Road by Broken Bells

This is a great car song. Totally addictive, you may find yourself singing along after a couple of listens. A fabulous, relaxed groove to put you in the right frame of mind for those long hot summer drives. If you are on you way up this weekend, enjoy and play safe!

About the band: (credit to Wikipedia)
Broken Bells is an American indie rock band featuring artist–producer Danger Mouse (billed by his real name, Brian Burton) and James Mercer, the lead vocalist and guitarist for the Portland indie rock band The Shins. The project was first announced on Tuesday, September 29, 2009. The pair decided to work together after meeting at the Roskilde Festival, a Danish music festival, in 2004 and finding they were fans of each other’s work.[2]It took four more years before the two started working together and by March 2008 Mercer and Burton began recording together in secret at Burton’s Los Angeles-based studio. The two describe their material as “melodic, but experimental, too”.

Mocca Pearl’s Campfire Coffee Grenade

Well, this is a crazy way to brew coffee.

Mocca Pearl's Campfire Coffee Grenade
Seriously, if you want a nice hot, strong cup of coffee, try a Stove top/Moka pot espresso maker.
In order not to make it bitter and over extracted, you will need:

-water just off the boil,
-freshly roasted and ground coffee, medium to coarse grind (not espresso) and
-of course the Moka pot.
Here are the directions:

1. Fill the bottom container up to the relief valve with hot water from the kettle.
2. Fill the coffee holder (perforated metal cup) completely with coffee, not packing it down, just leveled off.
3. Carefully assemble the top to the base. hold with a dry towel or pot holder.
4. Place on the burner or stove element, on high heat.
5. The coffee will start to come up through the hollow step into the top compartment almost straight away. Watch carefully, as soon as most of the water is pushed through the coffee, take it off the heat on to a cool surface. You don’t want the sputtering gurgling steam through the coffee, this will make it bitter because it is too hot.
6. Pour into small cups and enjoy.
Note: It will be extremely hot. If you drink it black , let cool for about 4 minutes for the best flavour.

Coffee & Health: What’s in the news

Breaking News Just in time for Mother’s Day:  Go ahead and have that two-and-a-halfth cup – you and your Uterus deserve a break today!

NEW YORK, May 3, 2010

Coffee May Lower Uterine Cancer Risk, Study Says

Mayo Clinic Research Finds Drinking More than Two-and-a-Half Cups a Day Appears to Lower Odds Women Will Get the Disease