Mocca Pearl’s Campfire Coffee Grenade

Well, this is a crazy way to brew coffee.

Mocca Pearl's Campfire Coffee Grenade
Seriously, if you want a nice hot, strong cup of coffee, try a Stove top/Moka pot espresso maker.
In order not to make it bitter and over extracted, you will need:

-water just off the boil,
-freshly roasted and ground coffee, medium to coarse grind (not espresso) and
-of course the Moka pot.
Here are the directions:

1. Fill the bottom container up to the relief valve with hot water from the kettle.
2. Fill the coffee holder (perforated metal cup) completely with coffee, not packing it down, just leveled off.
3. Carefully assemble the top to the base. hold with a dry towel or pot holder.
4. Place on the burner or stove element, on high heat.
5. The coffee will start to come up through the hollow step into the top compartment almost straight away. Watch carefully, as soon as most of the water is pushed through the coffee, take it off the heat on to a cool surface. You don’t want the sputtering gurgling steam through the coffee, this will make it bitter because it is too hot.
6. Pour into small cups and enjoy.
Note: It will be extremely hot. If you drink it black , let cool for about 4 minutes for the best flavour.


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