Music to start the summer right! The High Road by Broken Bells

This is a great car song. Totally addictive, you may find yourself singing along after a couple of listens. A fabulous, relaxed groove to put you in the right frame of mind for those long hot summer drives. If you are on you way up this weekend, enjoy and play safe!

About the band: (credit to Wikipedia)
Broken Bells is an American indie rock band featuring artist–producer Danger Mouse (billed by his real name, Brian Burton) and James Mercer, the lead vocalist and guitarist for the Portland indie rock band The Shins. The project was first announced on Tuesday, September 29, 2009. The pair decided to work together after meeting at the Roskilde Festival, a Danish music festival, in 2004 and finding they were fans of each other’s work.[2]It took four more years before the two started working together and by March 2008 Mercer and Burton began recording together in secret at Burton’s Los Angeles-based studio. The two describe their material as “melodic, but experimental, too”.


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