Breakfast in the City

I suggested some months ago that we set aside a time for togetherness once a week – in the form of a scheduled trip in to town (city) for a little brekkie.  The idea being to experience a new place each week and to expand our culinary horizons, and spend some quality time together.  And perhaps taking advantage of the opportunity to sample some local coffee culture and/or shopping along the way.

Well it turns out that our children have more of a social life than we do!  At least Natasha does.  More often than not, one of the kids had other plans and did not participate.

Saving Grace Saving Grace

In no particular order, here are the joints we have checked out so far:

Saving Grace **** Not a bad item in sight. Inspiring chalkboard menu, Beautiful presentation, huge lattes, beautiful people, friendly informal service. Be sure to arrive early; we were lucky to get a seat before the kids mutinied. Decor a little on the rustic side; interesting, but didn’t exactly feel squeaky clean.

The Communal Mule – coffee **** We only had the coffee, one espresso and one capp. Peter and Nancy are very warm and welcoming people. We’ll have to head back for the partries which looked fresh and artisanal.

Easy Breakfast **** This was a blast from the past (remember Easy Rider? That will give you a clue as to the decor). The huevos were exceptional. The traditional breakfast looked very good, however Jordan was not in the sharing spirit. The coffee flowed well but wasn’t the local stuff we prefer (Illy signs abound). The service was on the mark, we were early this time, I can imagine it getting very busy by 10 or 11.

Lady Marmalade *** This was our second attempt. The first time there was a line up out the door..I counted about 16 patrons waiting to get seated, so we abandoned the effort for another time. This time we arrived at 8:15 to find several empty tables, this past weekend. The decor is intentional.. nothing matches.  A very promising menu.  Salad with breakfast; how refreshing!  On the plate the results were mixed.  My eggs benny w/ bacon, brie and avocado was a nice combination, but I found the avocado a little less ripe than I am used to (then i am spoiled). I found the potatoes a little dry and didn’t finish them (prob a good thing anyway).  The huevos rancheritas was a non traditional offering as well – with scrambled eggs, and a flour tortilla on the side.  The coffee, brewed as such, is a weak and commercial offering.  Geez, am I being hyper critical here?  Maybe our eggspectations were high because of the popularity of the place.  We didn’t try the lattes, but my son had an apple pie smoothie which tasted amazing … just like apple pie.  I was left wondering: How did they get the pastry in there??

Sunset Grill *** This is not new for us, it’s close by at Elgin Mills and Leslie. This is good diner grub consistently delivered. We have found that the omlettes are a good value and loaded with fillings. The Canadian is my fav with bacon, mushroom and cheddar cheese. Don’t write home about the coffee, but it is bottomless.  The OJ is a better option.  Service is friendly and efficient at this location.  It’s a little on the noisy side as the space is filled with hard surfaces.

Hoof Cafe ***** What can i say??  This cafe has it all..servers are knowledgable and passionate about the food.  Coffee by 49th parallel is french press or espresso only.  The food is unabashed, meaty indulgence.  Go ahead and have several courses, it’s almost tapas style – the side dishes really can stand on their own.  Case in point: tiny, made to order donuts filled with marrow and fruit preserves.  Or thick sliced pork belly (bacon), cured with pastrami spices.  We did have a couple of entries: eggs benny with slow roasted pork loin; beans and sausage (spicy and handmade). We will be going back soon!!

This adventure is to be continued…


One response to “Breakfast in the City

  • Lovely Lisa

    Correction there buddy. The eggs Benny were served with suckling pig. And the pork belly pastrami has taken the place of foie gras in my list of most heavenly tasting foods!

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