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Blue Plate Toronto

The Blue Plate sounds like a diner, doesn’t it?  Well, it isn’t, not by a long stretch.  A cool blue colour palette welcomes one inside.  We are immediately welcomed and we choose to sit in the ‘very warm’ front window table.  The views out onto Roncy are not the prettiest.  We slivered our way up over the humpety-bumpety street and wedged ourselves into a narrow street parking spot a couple of blocks down from the restaurant.  I cannot believe the state or affairs the locals have to put up with.  The construction work has carved a great canyon up the middle of the street.  It must be a couple feet straight down to the bottom of the wide trench cutting up the middle of the road, with nary a barrier or a caution tape in site.  A Poor unsuspecting cyclist or pedestrian tippling along in the night might just well fall right in never to be seen again!

Back to the food.  My attention is immediately drawn to the first item on the brunch menu: Fried Egg over duck confit hash.  I am sold.  My compadres choose the eggs benny, fruit pancake and Club Sandwich.  Ahhh, the Classics.

I am not sure whether to order coffee.  So being the smarrt alec I am, I ask the server what the coffee is.  Much to my amazement, she quotes the micro roaster by name.  When did this happen before?  Oh, maybe ONCE.  Nicely done, big check mark.  When the coffee arrives my elation is somewhat tempered by the ‘dark roast’ aroma presenting it self.  Oh well, it’s freshly roasted, and that’s good for me.

The place is sparsely occupied and our food comes out in good time.  Everything looks scrumptious!

The single large pancake is nicely caramelized with the fruit (pineapple) cooked in the batter.  Lots  of buttery goodness here.  This is likely the best restaurant pancake I have tried.  My confit hash is not shy on the duck,  and its comes through nice and strong.  If only the portion had been bigger!  One-egg brekky does not make for a full happy tummy Mark. The BLT is positively stuffed with fillings, the way it should be, and the bread is nice and crusty.  The eggs benny came with a salad and no toast, a nice relief from the carb-heavy offerings typical at breakfast and brunch.

I’ll give this one a ‘well done’.  We’ll have to come back for seconds.


Coffee Crazy

A caffeinated weekend involved cupping 20 coffee samples.

Cupping coffee for quality (aroma, body, sweetness, acidity, mouthfeel, aftertaste and flavour) involves a lightly roasted sample, 12g weighed and ground into a small bowl or glass, steeped in hot water for 4 minutes and slurped from a soup spoon (trying to leave the grounds in the cup).

The best of the bunch? One Kenyan, one Brazil and a Sumatra. Coming soon to a coffee roaster near you!

Cupping bowl