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Coffee and Gout

I love reading the Nutrition Action Newsletter when I am working out at the gym.  It makes time fly on the treadmill. These guys really know how to drive home a point.  There are no ads so you know their bread is not buttered on any side!

Surprising how many (middle aged, middle class) people (men) we know who have been affected by gout.  I was very interested to know that in the current issue of Nutrition Action Healthletter (you have to subscribe to get the full content, they do have a web site with some of the articles available for download at, new studies were found to indicate that coffee consumption plays a role in reducing the risk of getting gout.

Gout is conveniently understood by the acronym U.D.R.P. or

Uric Acid -> Crystal Deposits -> Immune Reaction -> Gout Pain

Gout is a form of Arthritis.  The key culprit is excess Uric acid levels in the blood.  This disease is far from understood, and is easily and often mis-diagnosed.   The level of uric acid can be affected by diet and activity.  In some people,  dairy products, meat and meat based gravies can cause increased uric acid levels and gout attacks.  Often,  excess sweating and the resulting dehydration are potential causes.  Also, most gout sufferers are carrying excess body mass.

Treatment of gout.  One can test the level of uric acid with use of a test kit.  Diet and hydration are key elements to controlling the build up and crystallization of uric acid, which often occurs in the toes or lower extremity joints such as the ankle.  The handy dandy blog site (not to be confused with offer some dietary advice, guidance and support at

Recent studies have revealed a statisical correlation between moderate to heavy coffee consumption and reduced uric acid levels. This research may indicate the consumption of coffee can potentially reduce the likelihood of getting gout.

So there we have it, more good news just keeps coming about the health benefits or regular coffee consumption.