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Colombia Asociacion Los Naranjos

Trying this coffee via French Press this morning.

Aroma of lime. Taste of Marmite and citrus. Really nice and clean, almost Kenya-like.



Natasha’s coffee photography

I love these pics Natasha took, they were taken for her photography project at school. What do you think?

Coffee   Coffee4 Coffee3 Coffee2

Rare Vintage

We had a chance to taste and enjoy a rare vintage yesterday with vacationing in TO. Penfold’s Cabernet Sauvignon 1998, which we brought back with us on our first family vacation to Adelaide Australia. It was a memorable time visiting the winery and restaurant, which by the way has a wine service which I have not seen equalled elsewhere. And the wine we gently nurtured in the wine caller under the stairs has come along beautifully. I was well surprised to feel the acidity structure still firm and tight after all that time. The colour has a ruby glow touched with a hint of burnt umber. The palate had a sweet roundness which reminded me of port wine.

I guess 1998 was a good year!