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Coffee and Your Health: A Complex Genetic Web

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Hario V-60

Hario V-60 brewing:

1. grind 30 g coffee medium-fine

2. bring 500 g (1/2 Litre) water to boil

3. wet grinds with a minimal amount of water, wait 30 seconds

4. add remaining water a little at a time, keeping the dripping going for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes

5. you can take it from here….

Coffee Software

I don’t know what we’d do without our coffee logging software…we are using RoasterThing


As any coffee enthusiast will tell you, keeping track of time, temperature and volume is crucial to make great coffee. This is especially true in roasting – my home roasting endeavours would have been a lot less productive if I were not able to log my roasts in one way or another. Here is a tip of the hat to some great yet free apps and software I have discovered online.

1) Coffee Roaster (Google Play, free)

This is the app I use the most. Coffee Roaster allows you to input coffee, the temperature of the roast as it progresses, make notes about your roast results, and even charts the roast profile. Great for home roasters using a temperature gun with their poppers, heat guns, breadmakers and the like.

2) Baristame (Google Play, free)

This app is the coffee brewer’s handy tool, incorporating recipes for Chemex, drip, mokapot and syphon…

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Pinterest Board – Health benefits of Coffee

We use coffee in our dry rub – it looks like you can use it on yourself, too!!!