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Pinterest Board – Health benefits of Coffee


We use coffee in our dry rub – it looks like you can use it on yourself, too!!!


Jenna Smith: Coffee comes with some health benefits

Jenna Smith: Coffee comes with some health benefits.

Coffee in the health News again

New research showing coffee to be a significant source of soluble dietary fibre – regardless of how it’s brewed


On a personal note, I have found increasing fibre intake to be one of the easiest and most effective ways to lose weight and keep it lost. So I am really soked to hear this news. Yay coffee! More reason to drink you.

food for thought

A couple of related items:

SIP food for thought event tonight at Sleepy Hollow

We will be serving up our best coffee – stop in and say Hi while supporting a worthwhile cause.

Leslie Beck in her column ‘food for thought’ the Globe and Mail reported that coffee may decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes. http://t.co/ku8Kisl – so, which is it??

More Coffee Health Benefits

This news clip from CBS relates the potential health benefits. Here is a recap:
Type 2 Diabetes
Cancers: Prostate, mouth, colon
Heart Disease